How to add a new migraine

1 Log in with your email and password. Forgot your Password? Click here

2 Click on a date from the calendar

3 Enter migraine details

4 Click on the Save button

How to best edit your migraine entry
The more data you insert when entering a migraine, the better you’ll be able to identify your triggers.

1 The migraine pain scale: mild / medium / severe. Pick one. Your average migraine pain scale will be automatically calculated in your report.

2 Select migraine start hour. Pick a duration: under 2h / 2h-4h / 4h-8h / over 8h.

3 Pick one or multiple triggers from the list. Your most common triggers will be summarized in the migraine Report.

Tip! The list of triggers can be edited under the Profile section of your journal; there you can add your own triggers or delete some from the ones we already pre-defined.

4 Same goes for symptoms: tick one or more symptoms you’re experiencing before or during your migraine. Edit and customize the symptoms list under the Profile section. Your most common symptoms will be displayed in your migraine Report.

5 Medication: Choose one from the drop down list.

Tip! the medication list is quite long. Go under the Profile section and edit visibility of medication. You can even select a default one, to make your migraine entry even faster.(the default will always be already selected when entering a new migraine). Don’t forget to insert the medication dosage.

6 Notes. This is where you add specific details of each migraine. Although we like to think that our memory works like a recording equipment, that's not actually the case. Research has revealed that we construct our memories when we encode them and/or when we recall them. So best thing is to note down all specifics. It will help your doctor better diagnose and treat your migraines.