Capture your migraines

the migraine diary team Hello!
This is Alexandra - a migraine sufferer and Alex - a software engineer living in Strasbourg, France.
We are dedicated to building the coolest most personalizable migraine diary ever, Miggy.

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P.S.: Miggy is free while still in beta, we just ask of you to kindly report back any bugs, or if you have any suggestions for improvements we'd be super glad to include them ;)

1. Pick a calendar day

We're trying to make your migraine entry as fast as possible, so instead of editing the date manually, you just click on a day in the huge calendar that shows the current month.

2. Enter migraine details

Here you have the most important information related to your migraines: duration, pain scale, triggers, symptoms, medication, etc.
The more data you introduce, the better you'll be able to identify your migraine triggers.

3. Get migraine trigger reports

This section summarizes all your migraines. This is where you can actually see the value in keeping a migraine diary: total number of migraines, average number of migraines per month, average pain scale, your most common migraine triggers and symptoms etc.
Reports can be downloaded and shown to your doctor.

miggy's benefits

Identify your migraine triggers

Migraines are not fully understood, but finding out what triggers them will help you limit their impact.

Assess the effectiveness of your treatment

Is your treatment the right one?
Test and track your medication results.

Be part of the solution

Show your doctor the journal summary reports and help him better diagnose you.